Denise Raimi has been working in the health and wellness industry as a fitness trainer and body worker for over twenty-five years. She is a Certified MELT Practitioner, a Pilates teacher, and a Body Rolling and Body Logic practitioner. She is certified in the Aroma Touch Technique, and a certified Essential Oils Coach as well.

As a nutritional cleansing coach, Denise has been able to help her clients reach their optimal performance levels by working on their health from the inside out. She has helped many people make dramatic, positive changes in their lives.

"Isagenix changed my health, weight, and life. I lost over 60 lbs., 2 ½ years ago and have effortlessly kept the weight off ever since. I am 43 and look and feel better than I ever have in my adult life. My skin, hair, digestion, mental clarity, sleep, cholesterol – all remarkably different because of nutritional cleansing. I’m so glad Denise nudged me to try it. She was definitely part of my success. Thank you Denise!"

Debbie Karch, NYC



Thank you so much for all your support and help in this journey to be healthy ! I was skeptical at the beginning but I am thrilled that I gave Isagenix a try and not only I lost weight after being stuck on weight loss but I am not having my after dinner cravings anymore ! I love the shakes and feel so satisfied ! I will incorporate this in my lifestyle for sure and thank you Denise again for helping me with my plan , you were So prompt about responding my emails and being there for me , that meant a lot !!!! 

Gaby, SC

"In spite living a very fit and active lifestyle, for as long as I can remember, every winter I ended up with a few extra pounds. Eight winters ago, I was literally unable to button my jeans, and I was perpetually exhausted. I initially attributed my slowdown to a thriving business and a busy family life (wife and mother of 2 young children). When I complained to a friend who then raved about the benefits of a cleansing system, I was initially skeptical. But when she told me she was 7 pounds lighter and full of energy, my interest was officially piqued - not only as a fitness veteran but also as a woman struggling to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I purchased the object of my friend’s affection: Isagenix. Within four days on this simple cleansing program, I noticed a difference in my body. Ultimately, I lost 17 inches from my body, and gained tremendous energy after only 9 days! After visiting a fitness conference and talking to an Isagenix representative, I learned the science behind the program. I then went to the annual Isagenix conference and met the doctors and scientists who represented it. I asked the tough questions time and again, and I was continually impressed, not only with the science behind the products, but by the integrity of the company. Ultimately, I realized the importance of taking care of my body on the inside as well as the outside. It seems so logical, yet most of us are not feeding our bodies what they need to stay balanced and perform optimally. With this new knowledge, I began to include the system into my fitness and wellness practice. So began a new chapter in my healthy lifestyle journey, one that reaped even greater personal health returns. Now, I coach people to better health utilizing the Isagenix cleanse program and many years of professional fitness training. A good friend jokingly referred to me as Dr. Cleanse because of my initials, and the name stuck. Call me what you want - I'm here to help you!"

Denise Raimi

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